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Memphis Recycling: The Impact of Aluminum Can Recycling

Tossing your empty soda can into the trash after lunch may not seem like an important part of the day to most people, but what if your soda can could directly help save the environment if you took the time to recycle it? While you may not think one aluminum can would have a great effect, what about all the cans of soda you consume yearly? An average American consumes 380 cans of soda yearly which totals to over 100 billion soda cans being used in the United States in a year’s time. This contributes to the overall 1.5 million tons of waste that is in the world due to aluminum cans simply thrown into the trash. The numbers are staggering and the space to put the used cans is dwindling. The need for aluminum recycling is a growing demand that everyone can do easily to produce big changes for the Earth. Waste Connection of Memphis is the premiere place for Memphis recycling. To build strong foundations of Memphis recycling- recycling must start in homes and through the recognition that we only have one Earth.

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