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CD/DVD Recycling: Overlooked E-Waste

Vinyl records are making a comeback. Nobody uses cassette tapes or 8-track tapes anymore. CDs became the golden standard as a medium for music consumption in the late 1980s. Throughout the 1990s, they soared to popularity through cheaper electronics and easier access. Their popularity started to decline in the early to mid-2000s, but they hung in there. Today, we still have CDs for our music and DVDs for our video, but much of the content we consume is all digital. From streaming music and video services to MP3 downloads, our personal library of content has transformed mediums once again. But, what happened to the old stuff? E-waste is a growing problem and one which we can start to solve now. Most of our beloved tech hardware, as well as the discs and drives that we use with that hardware, contain hazardous chemicals that can poison our landfills. Because the CDs and DVDs from yesteryear can’t be put in your Waste Connections Memphis single-stream recycling bin, let’s show you how to reduce your e-waste through CD recycling.

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