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Helping Communities Increase Recycling Efforts

As a waste disposal company that believes in corporate sustainability, Waste Connections Memphis works hard with residents, businesses,Picture of kids in a field holding Waste Connections of Memphis recycling bins. and governments at the local and state levels to help increase recycling efforts.  Our policy of corporate sustainability is something we take great pride in.  We are honored to be recognized as a partner with DeSoto County’s (Mississippi) recycling efforts.

DeSoto County recently won the state’s annual Environmental Hero Award for its recycling efforts.  The Mississippi Recycling Coalition bases the award on several criteria: promoting recycling as a way to create better communities, conducting recycling and environmental programs, practicing and improving awareness of environmental stewardship, and improving community waste handling and environmental practices.

"We're thrilled, of course," Ray Laughter, the county's environmental services manager, said Thursday. "But I'm not just being modest when I say it really is a joint effort. All of our municipalities offer curbside recycling now, and it's a vision of the Board of Supervisors to offer it soon in the unincorporated areas of the county."

“The county's school system, the private Waste Connections Inc. firm and other entities also play important roles,” Laughter said.

The efforts that we’ve put into helping DeSoto County reach their vision aren’t limited to DeSoto County.  At Waste Connections Memphis practice corporate sustainability through recognizing the importance of our continuing efforts to minimize our impact on the environment.  Practicing corporate sustainability means:

  • Encouraging materials recycling and reuse
  • Using waste to generate clean, renewable energy
  • Reducing our carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels
  • Exploring alternatives to landfill disposal.
At Waste Connections Memphis, our corporate sustainability efforts extend beyond the environment; we also measure the positive impacts we have on the communities we serve as well as the development and welfare of our employees.

As an environmental services company with a large presence on the West Coast, sustainability is not a new concept for Waste Connections. Over the years, Waste Connections has been recycling a significant portion of the waste stream on the West Coast. Our recycling efforts recover valuable materials for reuse, and include composting organic materials for reuse as a soil amendment. Waste Connections is working hard to extend these programs and technologies beyond the West Coast to other communities throughout the states we service.

Picture of a green plant with a green earth.Corporate sustainability also means a smarter way of approaching challenges.  In addition to recycling and recovery, Waste Connections harvests methane gas from landfills to generate renewable energy to power homes, small industry and, eventually, our fleet.  As a company, we deploy route optimization software, which keeps our fleet optimized to reduce fuel, increase efficiency, and keep our prices low.  We retrofit existing fleets and utilize alternative fuels to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, which help to lower our overall carbon footprint. We construct environmental enhancements to certain of our sites by creating wetlands and public trails. These efforts are fundamental to a business model that promotes corporate sustainability.

We know today’s actions have an impact on tomorrow, which is why we’re constantly looking toward the future.  We constantly monitor and evaluate new technologies and programs that can enhance our commitment to the environment. Within our industry, these changes have historically been evolutionary in nature, but there is an enormous effort currently being made in alternative technologies to reduce landfill disposal, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and harness bio-fuels. Environmental, organizational and financial sustainability initiatives have been key components of our success since we were founded in 1997. We remain committed to growing and expanding these efforts as our industry and technology continue to evolve.

Waste Connections is proud to provide residential recycling to our customers.  Recycling is one of the single most important steps someone can take to protect the environment today. Recycling is a green action in which anyone, anywhere, can participate. Why not get rewarded for it? Waste Connections has partnered with Recyclebank to offer customers rewards for recycling efforts.  Sign up for Recyclebank today and start earning rewards on all your recyclable waste.  Visit our website to start residential recycling service with Waste Connections, or give us a call at 901-398-5400 to learn more about how Waste Connections can help you with all of your collection needs.

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