Frequently Asked Questions

Online Bill Pay Recyclebank FAQ

Do you take magazines?

Yes. They should go in your recycle cart.

Where should I place my garbage and recycling containers?

Please place them at the curb with the arrows pointing toward the street (in the alley for alley pick-ups). Place the containers at least 3 feet apart.

What time should garbage and recycling containers be out for pick-up?

All containers should be out by 6:00 AM.

Do you recycle glass?

Yes. Please place glass in your recycling cart. We cannot recycle broken glass.

Do you recycle electronics?

No, however we can pick up most electronics with regular trash service for an extra charge, or electronics can be recycled through Recyclebank. Please visit Recyclebank for more information or visit the EPA website for a list of organizations that can help.

How often is recycling picked up?

Subscription residential recycling is picked up every other week. Commercial recycling pick-up schedules are determined at the time the customer establishes an account.

Do you take credit cards? Is there a fee? Which cards do you accept?

Yes. We take credit cards and there is no fee. We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa at this time.

What if I have extra items to be picked up?

Please call us 24 hours in advance of your pick-up day. We can schedule an extra pick-up or a large item pick-up for an additional charge. There are item restrictions, including Hazardous Waste/Restricted Items.

What are your office hours?

We are open from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Waste Connections of Tennessee in Memphis operates on Saturdays for commercial and construction/roll-off customers, but our offices are closed.

What are your holiday hours?

Please see our holiday schedule for holidays that may affect your pick-up.

Residential: If the holiday falls on or before your scheduled pick-up day (Monday through Friday), service will be delayed one day.  Example: Thanksgiving Day - Thursday customers will be picked up on Friday, Friday customers will be picked up Saturday.

Commercial: Please contact customer service.

What is your billing cycle?

Residential customers are billed quarterly. Commercial customers are billed on a monthly basis.

Will my rates increase?

Waste Connections continually strives to offer competitive rates, however, we reserve the right to increase prices when operating costs increase.

What are the measurements of your dumpsters or roll-off construction containers?

Front Load Dumpsters

Roll-off Construction Containers

What is the fuel and material surcharge?

The fuel surcharge percentage changes with the market price. It covers operating costs-labor, supplies, insurance, energy, etc. The fuel surcharge is needed to pay for the vast increase in costs due to the higher cost of diesel fuel and other petroleum-based products.

Online Bill Pay FAQ

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. You can pay your bill online.  

How should my account number be entered?

The account must have the four-digit prefix. Ex: 6010-123456.

Why doesn't my online account reflect when I'm in suspension?

Your online account only reflects the payments that you have made online. It does not show any payments that you may have mailed to Waste Connections. We encourage you to call Customer Service at (901) 398-5400 to confirm the status of your account.

How can I avoid missing my scheduled trash pickup if I'm in suspension?

We ask that you allow 72 hours for your online payment to be transmitted to your Waste Connections account. If your account is in suspension and you are making a payment that may not post to your account before your scheduled trash pickup, please call our office with your confirmation number.

Recyclebank FAQ

What is Recyclebank?

Recyclebank is the premier rewards and loyalty program that motivates people to recycle and to engage in environmentally-virtuous activities.

How does recycling help my community?

It helps in so many ways! It preserves the environment, saves your community money by avoiding landfill fees, generates revenue from the sale of recyclables, and reduces pollution.

How do I activate my Recyclebank account to begin receiving points?

Go to to register your account for free, and an email verification should come back from Recyclebank to confirm your information and to sign you up as a home recycler so you can receive the sign up bonus points of 300. Please contact customer service if you need assistance.

How do I earn Recyclebank Points (Dollars)?

Your Recyclebank container will be weighed. The weight will be translated to Recyclebank points.

How many Recyclebank points can I earn each month or year?

Households have the opportunity to earn a maximum of 450 points per month and 5,400 points per year.

How many points will I receive for each pound recycled?

The more you recycle, the more you can earn. Each household will receive 2.5 points per pound recycled, plus regular earning opportunities from bonuses and promotions available on Recyclebank's website.

How can I use Recyclebank points?

The Recyclebank rewards program is fluid and dynamic. Recyclebank is constantly looking for new partners to create an exciting and rich rewards program. We cannot guarantee that reward partners will participate in the program for an extended period of time. Please check the Recyclebank website frequently for reward opportunities.

How can I order Recyclebank rewards?

Shop online or contact the Waste Connections of Tennessee in Memphis customer service department at (901) 398-5400 for assistance in ordering rewards.

What should I do if I have trouble accessing my account page online?

Please call a customer service representative with Waste Connections of Tennessee in Memphis at (901) 398-5400 for help with your account. We are available to answer questions or assist you with your account Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Will the rewards in the program change?

Yes. Recyclebank is constantly adding new businesses to better serve you and rewards are subject to change. Partners can also decide to discontinue rewards or will have limited-time offers.

How long will it take for me to receive the rewards I ordered?

Rewards will arrive within 3 to 5 business days after your place your order.

What if I do not receive my rewards within the 3 to 5 day timeframe?

Please contact Waste Connections of Tennessee in Memphis's customer service department for assistance at (901) 398-5400.

Will my Recyclebank points expire?

Your Recyclebank points will accrue month-to-month for as long as you remain in the Recyclebank program. Recyclebank points expire only if there is no activity in your account for over 6 months.

Do Recyclebank rewards expire?

Some rewards have expiration dates, while some rewards are offered on a limited-time basis. Please check online (from your account page) or call Waste Connections of Tennessee in Memphis's customer service at (901) 398-5400.

What do I do if I did not receive recycling credits?

If you need to report any missed credits, please call our customer service department at (901) 398-5400.

What can I recycle?

Acceptable items for recycling are labeled on your recycling container. You can also find this information on the Single-Stream Recycling Guide. If you do not have access to the Internet, customer care will mail you a printed list of acceptable items for the Recyclebank program.

What happens if I put items in my container that are not recyclable?

Placing items that are not recyclable in your container can negatively affect your Recyclebank account.